Get to know us

Jefe Clothing was founded by two student entrepreneurs, Joshua Elysee and Leonardo Paul, to help people recognize their abilities and understand there is no limit to furthering oneself. “Jefe”, the Spanish translation for “Boss”, is used with the connotation that one doesn’t only take charge but leads. Our emphasis on being “More Than A Boss” is coherent internally and externally. Internally, we strive to alter the current principles of street-wear fashion in the creation of our own. Externally, we aspire to create a platform for Jefes around the globe to reach their full potential. We invite you to join us in furnishing and attaining these goals. Although, they can only be reached if we spread the word, JefebyJefe.

Meet the creators

Josh & Leo

Like most brands, Jefe Clothing started with a dream – a dream to be unique, stand out, and be oneself. Longtime friends, Josh and Leo were never fond of their school uniforms. In fact, the pair slid through high school creating subtle but unique alternations to them. Josh sewed camouflage patches onto his khaki pants, while Leo took full advantage of dress down day stunting in unique custom pieces inspired from some of his favorite artists. Josh and Leo take pride in breaking the mold. They wear their Haitian heritage with honor and have worked hard to build Jefe Clothing up to what it is today. “We want our company philosophy and our fashion to help inspire people to reach their full potential.”. Don’t just be a boss, be More Than A Boss!